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This summer I had the pleasure of photographing Lyn and David in Boston, Massachusetts. They eloped last year but never had professional photos done. So Lyn, her David, my David, and I recreated their special day with a four hour long photo session around their favorite places in Boston. Here is a look into Lyn and David’s love story from Lyn herself:

“When Dave and I started talking about marriage we wanted to plan a fabulous elopement, but when we got engaged we began to cave under the pressure from our families and started to plan a wedding. I sadly set aside the elopement dress I’d bought and started to plan a reasonable wedding for a Southern Belle.  (I’m from the South, and big weddings are A THING down there-plus Dave and I are blessed with large families-it was going to be a big deal.) Part of me was very excited, but another part of me was sad-I’d always dreamed of a quiet, private elopement (which seemed so much more romantic to me.) 

Fast forward to June of 2017. I was moving up to Boston to start my residency. Dave was staying behind in Georgia to work out notice at his job before moving up to Boston himself. I had flown back for a quick getaway in Georgia before I officially started work the next week.

Our wedding day was a Tuesday morning and when we woke up we joked about getting married that day-we had to go to the courthouse to handle some paperwork with our car anyways, right?  Dave left for work and then one or the other of us know, why not get married today? And why not?! Then began the whirlwind preparations! 

Dave took off from work early, I called a dear friend who was in town to help me get some flowers and witness, and I threw on the only dress I’d brought with me and we went to Walmart and spent about $4.50 in quarters getting rings out of the prize machines at the front of the store-the ones that look like gum ball machines! 

We then went to the courthouse and got our marriage license and met a judge at his office and exchanged our vows and took some iPhone pictures in front of the courthouse. Dave and I were smiling so hard the whole time our  faces hurt the next day! After we got married we went and grabbed some cupcakes and had a low key dinner-we decided that since we were still planning a wedding we would just keep our elopement a secret and surprise everyone at our eventual wedding! 

Fast forward a few months and I am in the thick of my first year of residency. We get ready to pull the trigger on a venue and really get down to business finalizing things for this wedding and It. Is. Not. Making. Us. Happy. At all.  It was stressful and so much money and we lived so far away from our families! It was becoming more about the event, doing things to make other people happy, and following etiquette than it was about Dave and I and our expression of love.  We decided to scrap the wedding plans and just announced our marriage!  I was so thrilled and relieved. Planning a big, traditional wedding was never my dream, and I’m so lucky and grateful that most people I told we just thrilled that Dave and I were married! 

The only things I regretted about our whirlwind, romantic elopement was not having professional photos of us running around being goofballs in love and of course not wearing the fun dress I’d been dreaming about (which was stuck up in Boston!) So, when I saw that Madison would be up in Boston I knew I had to take the opportunity to get some unique wedding photos and recreate the emotions Dave and I felt that day! I wanted to have some beautiful pictures to show my children and grandchildren in the future.  

Dave and I had a few Boston locations picked out, and just went and had fun with Madison and David (her husband!) on our photo day, which ended up being almost a month after our first anniversary. We definitely feel that we captured the joyful and loving spirit of our elopement in our photo session with Madison, and are so happy to have formal(ish) and fun photos to share with our family and friends!  

Our wedding was totally offbeat, but perfect for Dave and I and our relationship. After all, that is what’s really important, right?”

Vendors for our photo day: 

Bride’s Hair: Eric at Alexander Salon in Brookline, MA

Florals: Leslie at Finesse Florist, Brookline, MA

Cupcakes: Georgetown Cupcakes Newbury St, Boston, MA


Special thanks to Dr. Diana Wang for use of the bridal portrait location 

Mural: 510 Lincoln St, Allston, MA

Boston Public Garden

Boston MBTA Green Line

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