Johnson Wedding | February Wedding | Grant Hill Farms

Think of an old oak tree slowly growing, roots inching out bonding with the dirt below. This is how I like to think of Kate and Dan. Their love story is built on years of friendship gaining new ground gradually as their relationship blossomed into what it is today.

Kate and Dan met the first day of 8th grade, she was new to town and described Dan as, ”THE single-handed most annoying human being I had ever met in my life.” In high school, they became much closer friends. They would go to the gym and have lunch together on Dans breaks at the Zaxby's just around the corner from Kate’s house. She says, “we “dated” without dating if that makes sense.”

Dan was leaving to go to college 4 hours away in Statesboro and Kate was staying local. They thought it didn’t make sense for them at the time to be anything more than friends. This all changed when Dan moved home from college. Kate recalls the night Dan moved home, “he literally pulled into his parent's driveway and unloaded just enough from his front seat to fit me in the passenger seat and came to pick me up for dinner—our first “real” date.”

“Dan slowly became my best friend and then very, very quickly became the love of my life. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?”

A few years later they went for a weekend trip to Dan’s parent's house in North Carolina. Early that Saturday morning Dan suggested they go for a hike. After some coaxing and an outfit change from leggings and an oversized college sweatshirt to something more photogenic,  they were off. As they approached the waterfall Kate was snapping photos on her phone admiring the great falls. When she turned around Dan was on one knee asking the question she had been anticipating for so long. She was a ball of excitement and tears as she said yes in front of their friends and family who were secretly following behind them.  

I had the opportunity to photograph Kate and Dan for both their engagement session and their wedding. Getting to know and work with Kate and Dan was such a joy. Their love is written all over their faces! When it came down to the big day there were no forced moments. Capturing this wedding was so organic from the fine details to the big party that ensued at the reception. (Kate and Dan’s friends know what a good party looks like!) It is such a special experience as a photographer to capture the most intimate parts of my client's lives. I wish Kate and Dan an abundance of happiness in their marriage and as they start a new chapter of their lives.


Hair: Macie with Bombshell Creations

Makeup: Jeris with Bombshell Creations

Bridesmaids dresses: Kennedy Blue

Wedding gown: Carrie’s Bridal Collection—all dresses are designed by Carrie herself and under $1,500

Jeweler: James Allen

Ring box: LuxieGlam

Florist: Southern Touch Flowers

Coordinator: Jamie Bouchard with Grant Hill Farms

Chair rentals: came with the venue

Custom coke bottles: ordered from Coca Cola

DJ: Elite Ellison with EliteXperience Event Ambiance

Catering: home.made

Cakes: Posh Cakery

Venue: Grant Hill Farms

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